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Cafe Oto Fundraiser performance 23 March 2020
Cafe Oto streamed concerts to complete their fundraising week. Fielding Hope, Cafe Oto’s senior producer, says the emptiness gave “space and time to the artists to stretch out their acts . . . The artists could be a bit more dynamic with the space and some people were doing durational performances,” governed by time rather than a fixed score.
Watch: Elaine Mitchener (solo) + Kerry Yong (solo)

The Rolling Calf at Tusk Festival 2019 23 March 2020
Watch: The Rolling Calf

14 February 2020

SWEET TOOTH at Borealis

Elaine Mitchener will present the Norwegian Premiere of SWEET TOOTH as part Borealis Festival...
10 April 2020

the then + the now = nowtime at Ruhrtriennale

Mitchener is proud to bring this work to Ruhrtriennale