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Elaine Mitchener Projects is a vehicle for researching, developing and producing work conceived by Elaine Mitchener. To date EMP has produced and staged a number of works including Of Leonardo Da Vinci (2015), Industrialising Intimacy (2015), [NAMES] (2016) and I back…I neck… I face… I chest… (2016).

Works researched, developed and produced by EMP arise out of Elaine’s philosophy of encounter-enact-engage, and combine found texts, sound, movement, vocalization, improvisation, and collaboration to create intimate and experimental music theatre performance pieces. Underlining Elaine’s interest in collaboration, EMP have included commissioned work by composer George Lewis, sound artist David Toop, film maker Barry Lewis, historian Christer Petley, and choreographer Dam Van Huynh.

Elaine Mitchener’s latest project SWEET TOOTH was first researched in 2016 with support from Arts Council England, Aldeburgh Music, University of Southampton, St George’s Bloomsbury, Centre 151.

SWEET TOOTH premiered on Thursday 23 November at Bluecoat Liverpool and is currently on tour. For this last stage of development, SWEET TOOTH has been supported with public funding from Arts Council England. Commissioned by Bluecoat in partnership with the Stuart Hall Foundation, London and The International Slavery Museum with further support from PRSF Open Fund.