Elaine’s Mix for cherry custard


cherry custard w/ christeeeene

Many of the guests in this residency come into mixing via non-traditional routes (filmmaking, curation, writing, performance, poetry, and so on), so it only felt right to cast a spotlight over those who have inspired host christeeeene’s experimental artistic practice so far. Not only those that use mixes within their visual practice, but those who use words to inform their mixing. The reader, the writer, the artist, the activist, the poet and performer; they’re all here and they’re all cherries.

Listen to Mix by Elaine Mitchener:

Jamie Hamilton – Activity Report
George Lewis – Dreams of the Traveller, Gugak Orchestra excerpt (Berkeley, CA, 2018)
Mark Sanders – Magpies and Crows
Xhosa Cole (feat. Azizi Cole) – ALL ROADS
Jay Bernard – Subterranean Echo (from Far from the Start)
Mandhira de Saram – Peehoo
Sylvia Hallett – Chase
Blanca Regina – Consume
Shiori Usui – Oppressed Vibrations
Cedrik Fermont – K7 3
Miya Masaoka – Feel the Hardness, Feel the Softness
Loré Lixenberg – HILDE IN MY HEAD
Petero Kalulé (petals) – ‘long sadness’ or ‘& the moon twirls’
Jessie Cox – Invocation
John Wall & Alex Rodgers – Rafia Longer
Sarah Saviet – undone
Bidisha Das – Entangled Dreams
Aruán Ortiz – Autumn of Freedom
Wino Lodge – Don’t get rusty in the toxic triangle
Pat Thomas – WADUD
Shamica Rudduck – Wading Undergrowth


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