Graphic Score Tour

3 – 11 Oct 2013 – Graphic Score Tour ‘Celebrating the art of music’, with Joanna McGregor, Tom Arthurs, Oliver Coates, Isambard Khroustaliov

How do you interpret a graphic score? It’s not a complete free-improv-fest of what you see in front of you. Experience in improvisation provides a freedom of expression which can enhance a performance. However, when provided with specific instructions the interpreter  must try to adhere to them. So rather than a free-f0r-all exercise in ex tempore, one must prepare and practice, understand the visual landscape of work in order to create an effective musical one, making sense to the interpreter and which (hopefully) communicates to the listener.

31 May 2013

Late Junction Session: Irvine Arditti, Elaine Mitchener and Alasdair Roberts

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30 January 2015

Collaborating with Van Huynh Company

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