SWEET TOOTH at Borealis

Elaine will perform Memorial by George E. Lewis during the Borealis festival’s Opening night performance. This is followed by the Norwegian premiere of SWEET TOOTH on Friday 6 March with Sylvia Hallett, Mark Sanders and Jason Yarde.

Staging the work outside of the UK for the first time, Mitchener addresses her own personal history, but also a broader, and rarely discussed European participation in the bloody sale and transport of peoples from the African continent. For over 100 years, Norwegians could be found staffing slave forts on the African coast, sailing the slave ships that transported enslaved people to the Carribean, as well as transporting the products of slave labour back to Europe. In Bergen, Jørgen Thormøhlen, the trader who would give his name to the city district of Møhlenpris, sent his own ship Cornelia to West Africa, and leased a colony in the Caribbean to profit from the slave trade and sugar plantations.


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Opening concert

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11 November 2019

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9 April 2020

the then + the now = now time at Ruhrtriennale

Mitchener is proud to bring this work to Ruhrtriennale