Ruhrtriennale – Archive of Lost Events

The Ruhrtriennale 2020 canceled due to COVID-19 invites artists to an ′Archive of Lost Events 2020′ with a digital collection of voices. In a variety of video, audio and text contributions, more than 25 artists make changes to their works and ways of working through the pandemic visible.

Elaine Mitchener was due to present her latest work the then + the now = now time on 9 September 2020 at Maschinenhaus Essen.

Instead she made Errinern (Remember) as a contribution to ′Archive of Lost Events 2020′: Errinern

Click here for the full ′Archive of Lost Events 2020′:

15 July 2020

Broadcasts and Podcasts

Listen to Hannah Kendal and Elaine talk about collaborations
10 September 2020

IN·​FLO·R​ES·C​ENCE –​ a new interdisciplinary platform

The Showroom, London​ and Filmmaker Producer ​Reece Ewing​