The Nude Voice

Vocal artist Elaine Mitchener and Choreographer Dam Van Huynh present The Nude Voice – a devised work in which they explore the dynamic and challenges of vocal movement art.

Filmed by Emil Charlaff

The Nude Voice forms part of current research through which the artists explore the many facets of nudity. The work probes the voice — this most individual and intimate of instruments — using time as a tool to mould and remove the notion of inhibition and choice in vocal production. The spontaneous voice will be experienced in a vulnerable and exposed state of sound, open and ‘naked’.

Deliberate movement serves as a counterpoint, revealing the body in a microscopic light, drawing the viewer’s attention to the smallest detail. Through slow perpetual motion and a seeming stillness, the movement is disrobed from distraction, gradually revealing its inner mechanisms and resonance.

Visitors encounter this ceremonial activity presented over the space of 20mins; a folding and unfolding, a reawakening of space, time and sound.