New Commission for Sons d’Hiver

For Sons d’hiver, Elaine Mitchener has created Triptychus, a piece which is bound to renew the art of piano-vocal recitals. Mitchener is energetically and unapologetically into everything, and she mixes all sorts of influences to create a multi-octave musical performance bringing her closer to the heart of what truly matters. Little things. Microscopic things. The Tryptichus, a tiny sea gastropod, has influenced through its pyramidal shape the way musical ideas are structured and the way they unfold within the trio. “Nature teaches us”, according to Mitchener. Her inspiration turns the recital into a vocal performance of sorts, with electronical and video-sensitive elements. Quite a regenerating experience.

“A granular inspection of the voice is performed afterwards by Elaine Mitchener, accompanied by Pat Thomas on piano and electronics, as well as Reece Ewing’s pastoral video overlays. Words and sounds reach new hallucinatory dimensions as they gradually lose their meaning.” The Wire

Elaine Mitchener, composer/ concept/vocalist
Pat Thomas, composer/ pianist
Reece Ewing, film / fx

The evening will be shared with:
Joëlle Léandre / Craig Taborn / Matt Maneri
Moor Mother & Dudù Kouaté

Saturday 12 February 2022, 7pm
Théâtre Antoine Vitez, Scène d’Ivry – France

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13 November 2021

DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2022

Elaine Mitchener is awarded a Fellowship of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2022.
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