SWEET TOOTH premieres at Bluecoat Liverpool

SWEET TOOTH premieres on Thursday 23 November, 7.30pm at Bluecoat Liverpool. The premiere marks the culmination of five years’ research by Mitchener into our love of sugar and the historical links between the UK sugar industry and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Premiering SWEET TOOTH at Bluecoat engages the work directly with the history of colonialism and transatlantic slavery. The location is especially resonant, as in 1717 the building was originally a charity school for orphans that relied on subscriptions and donations from many families involved in slavery or slave-related industries like sugar, tobacco and cotton.

This ambitious 50 minute music theatre piece uses text, improvisation and movement, to stage a dramatic engagement with the brutal realities of slavery revealed by the historical records of the sugar industry, and to reveal its contemporary echoes.

SWEET TOOTH has been supported with public funding from Arts Council England. Commissioned by Bluecoat in partnership with the Stuart Hall Foundation, London and The International Slavery Museum with further support from PRSF Open Fund, Edge Hill University, Centre 151 and St George’s Bloomsbury.

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