Unheard Voices – podcast with Elaine for Radio ArtEZ

In this episode of Radio ArtEZ, Elaine offers background to her work and her ideas. She focuses on the unheard voices of statues, rooms, places. Who do monuments represent and who do they speak for?

She introduces some original voices in philosophy and music that deserve more attention and guides us into ideas of philosophers Fred Moten and Walter Benjamin about resistance and memory. Central to her conversation is Benjamin’s concept and practice of memory: Eingedenken, that takes remembrance as an act of responsibility. How do we choose to remember? History is written by the victors, said Benjamin, and the consequences resonate for ages.

ArtEZ studium generale based in Arnhem – Holland curates and organises gatherings, talks, training courses, podcasts and publications about the state of the arts and its relation to today’s challenges, ranging from immediate societal issues to bold abstract concepts, from climate crisis to identity issues.

Listen to the podcast:

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