15-17 October 2013

La Dynamo, Paris – France

Banlieues Bleues

The Langston Project with Hasse Paulsen, Luc Ex and Mark Sanders

3-11 October 2013

Graphic Scores, UK Tour
Southampton, Manchester, Gateshead, London, Leeds and Oxford

UK tour with Joanna MacGregor, Tom Arthurs, Olly Coates, Sam Britton produced by SoundUK

7 June 2013

Rich Mix, London

Gesundheit! – R&D of a new dance piece created by choreographer Dam van Huynh exploring movement and voice presented at Rich Mix, London

11 April 2013

Gerona, Italy


Recording a work by composer Luca Francesconi for a conceptual piece in 12 movements exploring the senses conceived by the Roca Brothers.