3 June 2016

Kachette – Part of Block Universe Festival, London

Performance of Feedback with Sam Belinfante and Pensive (from Industrialising Intimacy)

31 May – 5 June 2016

Wellcome Collection, London

Feedback collaborative sharing devised by Sam Belinfante and Elaine Mitchener for the Wellcome Collection exhibition This is A Voice.

10 & 12 May 2016

Wellcome Collection, London

The Ecology of the Voice curated by David Toop and part of the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition This is A Voice.

12 April 2016

Iklectik Art Lab, London

Elaine Mitchener/ Phil Minton/Steve Beresford mushmouth. noun. A person who talks indistinctly and slurringly:

Say it again so I can hear it, mushmouth (1950s+)

6 March 2016

CBSO Centre, Birmingham

Soloist in a new version of The Second Key by Tansy Davies for voice and ensemble as part of Birmingham Contemporary Music Group’s COMA weekend, conducted by composer Michael Finnissy. The weekend celebrates a decade of CoMA’s ground-breaking Open Score* project, the Festival of Contemporary Music for All and promotes contemporary music with a participative approach.

27 February 2016

Chalton Gallery, London

Solo performance work for Strange Umbrellas. Strange Umbrellas is a special evenings with improvised music, film and art. Curated by Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina and Jack Goldstein.

10 February 2016

Cafe OTO, London

Performing  with Glasgow-based Scottish songwriter Alasdair Roberts as part of his  two-day residency at Cafe OTO – Alasdair Roberts. We last performed together with Irvine Arditti in 2013 for Radio 3’s Late Junction Live sessions. Roberts is possibly the only musician to have starred on the covers of both Wire and fRoots magazines, reflecting the uniquely innovative nature of his work.